Thursday, 31 January 2013

MUA Brow Kit review

Until a few months ago, I wasn't really bothered by how my eyebrows looked - obviously I plucked them like all girls but I definitely didn't see the point in filling them in. Also, when asking about brow kits, I had always been recommended the Benefit Brow Zings. While Benefit is a brand I admire and love, at £22.50, the product was far too expensive for me to buy on a whim and not knowing whether I would like it or use it. However, I was told that the MUA Brow Kit is pretty similar and at £3.50 it was a much more affordable product so I thought I would give it a go!
 (Forgot to take a picture of the product on it's own before use and it looks awful now so this will have to do - sorry!)

As you can just about see in the picture, the Brow Kit includes a set of small tweezers, an angled brush, two shades of brow powder, a lighter, highlighting shade and a setting gel.
I have to admit that I have only used the tweezers once and I find them too small, but they are a nice addition to the kit. I really like the large mirror and the stiff brush, which make application really easy.
I use the lighter of the two brow powders, even though my hair is on the darker side. I think once you apply the powder to your eyebrows it does appear darker than in the pan.  I don't really use the highlighting shade much though. 
Once applied, my eyebrows do tend to stay in place for the day but I do re-apply if I am going out in the evening.
I have had the kit since October and the shade of brow powder which I use and the setting gel are starting to run out, after almost daily use. 

The only downside I can think of is the size - with three powders, the gel and tools it is rather large. Also, seeing as I only use one powder and the gel, the rest is a bit redundant... it's a shame we can't buy the shades separately! (However, as this was the first time I bought the kit I am glad that it all came together because I think I would have bought the darker shade!).

Overall, such a great product and for £3.50 you really can't go wrong! 100% recommend, and will definitely be repurchasing.


MUA Brow Kit is available here.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Archive: NOTD - Essie 'Don't Sweater It'

As you know, I've just moved my blog over to Blogger (haha) so I thought I would post a little archive article - this is possibly my most viewed post! Also, I wear this nail varnish alllll the time so it's still current!
Having bitten my nails for years, I think I have finally stopped ( I have been bite-free for over a month and a half) and my nails are finally at a length where I can paint them! So, I'm pretty behind the times but Essie in 'Don't Sweater It' is the first Essie nail polish I own.
I absolutely love it - the fomula, the colour, the brush, everything! Obviously I'm a nail painting novice and I think I managed to do a pretty neat job ( yes?) because the brush was just the right size for my nails. I applied three coats but this is only because after having done two I did the dishes so I wanted to freshen my nails up a bit before I look the pictures - I think a base coat and two coats of Essie would suffice otherwise. The colour is a mauvy, mushroomy, grey which for me is the perfect neutral autumnal colour for the nails. I think 'Don't Sweater It' looks great paired with jewel colours such as deep purple and emerald green ( I wore a purple jumper today and I thought it looked so lovely with my nails!).
I will definitely be buying Essie polishes again - I already have my eye on 'Head Mistress' and 'Recessionista' from the same Fall 2012 collection. Essie nail polishes are available at priced at £8.50 and from Superdrug for £7.99 (after a quick look on the website, I don't think they have the Fall collection though). Also, Feel Unique sell the Fall Collection however they only have the shade 'Little Brown Dress' in stock.

Friday, 25 January 2013



So I'm not new to blogging but after a lot of deliberation, I have decided to move over to Blogger from Wordpress, just because it's easier to stay in touch with the rest of the blogging community, who all seem to use Blogger too.

So I will be starting this page up in a few days, keep your eyes peeled! 


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