Friday, 5 April 2013

France Alert! - Le Petit Marseillais White Clay and Jasmine conditioner review.

Bonjour mes petits pois!
I thought a French intro would be all the more suitable today as I'm writing a quick post about a French product - sooooo I know the majority of my readers live in the UK and therefore can't get this product, I thought I would write this review as a heads up, just in case any of you have a cheeky Parisian weekend coming up haha. The product is Le Petit Marseillais White Clay and Jasmine conditioner.

Le Petit Marseillais conditioner

The main thing I absolutely love about this conditioner is the scent - it's just like a Dior perfume my mum uses (Diorissimo, perhaps?). It makes showering a dreammmm and believe me with the awful excuse of a bathroom I have, it's a much welcomed product haha! The scent isn't too overpowering though, meaning that it doesn't linger too much after rinsing and doesn't interfere with perfume. 
The formula is luxuriously thick, and it really coats the hair very well, and detangles it, too. I can feel the difference in my hair as soon as I put it on - it really does get rid of a lot of knots in the lengths. Which is great because my hair is soooo long at the moment. 
I'm not sure if I can make a comment about whether it has greatly affected the condition of my hair (above the usual level) because I am in need of a haircut at the moment so my ends are horrendous and I doubt there is any conditioner on the planet that would salvage them! But, this is a great, inexpensive, everyday conditioner and if you are after a great smelling and luxuriously feeling product on a budget (and happen to be in France) then definitely pick this up!

I would also recommend you try the other products by Le Petit Marseillais - they have shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and soaps, and they all come in gorgeous scents!

Have you ever tried anything by Le Petit Marseillais?


P.S. This conditioner, along with other Le Petit Marseillais products, is widely available in all supermarkets and some pharmacies and department stores in France.

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