Monday, 18 February 2013

Weekend Update.

Hey lovelies, hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.
I just wanted to write a quick post to update everyone on what's been going on. This weekend has been eventful. Six members of my family are visiting me in uncharacteristically sunny Chalon-sur-Saone this weekend - so, that's my mum from England, and my grandparents, two uncles and aunty from Finland. I haven't seen anyone (bar the mother) since July 2012 so I've been looking forward to this for aaaages and it's been great.
My mum arrived on Friday evening and we had a lovely catch-up over a traditional French dinner of foie gras and onglet du boeuf ( a beef casserole type thing), accompanied my a bottle of wine and some Kir Royales ( Blackcurrent alcohol with sparkling wine - mmmmm!). On Saturday morning we went to near-by Dijon for a spot of shopping. Lovely.
The rest of the fam arrived on Saturday and we had a casual walk around the town before heading for dinner - a nearly 4 hour affair. I had snails (not for the first time) as did my mum, uncle and aunty. My grandparents and other uncle, however, refused - my uncle is notorious in our family for being a picky eater so it was a pleasant surprise when he said he enjoyed the meal he did order. Success!
Les escargots!
We also tried a local wine. It was one that I hadn't personally tried before, which is surprising seeing as my friends and I have made a considerable effort to try all the wines in the local supermarket...
Finally on Sunday morning we met up in the morning to have a look around the city's market, which always attracts a lot of people. It was great and my granddad even bought some dried donkey sausage to try! I'll report back...
Afterwards, we drove the scenic route to Beaune, which is a village very famous for its wines. This was a huge hit with everyone - we went to a museum called 'Les Hospices de Beaune' and an antiques fair which happened to be on.
For Sunday dinner, I decided to make raclette for everyone. This is literally just boiled potatoes, saucisson sec, and melted cheese. I served it with a quick salad and the obligatory baguette and cheese. Despite the simplicity, everyone loved it and we were stuffed. It was actually a really nice experience to be able to cook for my family like this and I would definitely like the chance to make something more adventurous next time!
Has anyone else ever tried snails? Or what's your favourite 'weird' food? I would love to hear from you so leave me a comment!
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  1. I would never eat snails, I'm too picky!

    1. I understand, they aren't everyone's cup of tea! xxx

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    1. I agree that eating disorders are something that should be spoken about! Thanks, I will check it out now. xxx


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