Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sample Sunday - Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential.

Happy Sunday, readers!
To carry on with my 'Sample Sunday' series, I'm reviewing a sample of Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential Eye Zone Boosting Super Serum

Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential Eye Zone Boosting Super Serum

Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential sample

I received this sample with a purchase of a perfume a few months ago, and have been using it on and off since. The bottle doesn't actually state how much product is in the sample, but it's actually a fair amount, especially seeing as I usually use a tiiiiiny amount for each eye - a little goes a long way! It's a lovely eye cream actually and doesn't irritate my eyes one bit, which is a miracle haha. The texture is very luxurious and I can definitely feel the moisturising effect around my eyes more so than with a cheaper or thinner formula cream. However, the price tag is a hefty £49 for 15ml, and although  I do love this product, I don't think it's something I can afford to buy seeing as I am a student... once I have a real job I will definitely consider buying this though!

Do you use an eye cream? What's your favourite?


Available at Boots priced at £49 for 15ml.


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